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Quality In Value Ingredients

We are BRC Grade A certified and also our processing facility is certified to process organic spices meeting NOP/NPOP/EU organic standards. Additionally, our facility is certified to process halal, kosher products. We operate a strict pallet wise quality assurance process which starts with a review of customer specifications, country regulations and formulating an elaborate process plan for meeting the customer and country regulation requirement. Every pallet( approximately 500 kgs of finished goods) is tested against customer specifiations and blended to homogenise and offer consistent quality across all parameters covering particle size, colour, aroma, active ingredients etc. A finished goods lot will go through more than 25 analytical tests using our in house lab as well as external labs before it is released for shipment. Our lab routinely participate in ASTA check sampling programme to validate our laboratory results.

We have following in house laboratories with capabilities as listed below:

Physical Lab

To check incoming raw materials appearance,foreign materials,colour,cleanliness and contaminants . To check SFG/FG.

Chemical Lab

To check active ingredients content of Piprine, curcumin, Asta colour, capsaicin, volatile oil content.

Development Lab

Developing new Products as per the customer requirement for straight spices and blends.

Residue Lab

Our in house residue lab is equipped with HPLC and water activity meter

Quality Certifications

Our Quality Certifications for food safety (Global Standard)