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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programmes!

We have a strong backward integration programme with the objective of offering a fully traceable and sustainable ingredients to the global food industry. Our team of qualified agronomists in consultation with some of the premier agricultural research universities in India have developed detailed package of practices for organic spice cultivation as well as spice cultivation using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes.

Key highlights of our backward integration programme are as below:

Organic Spice Programme: We work with more than 150 turmeric/Ginger/Pepper farmers to offer certified organic spices meeting NPOP/NOP/EU organic standards. The products we offer are traceable right upto the farm level using our cloud based sourcing app.

IPM Programme : Digitized supply chain for pesticide residue guaranteed chillies( IPM )

1. Red Pepper/Chillies/Cumin/Ginger meeting USFDA/EU/Australian norms on pesticide residues/Aflatoxins

2. Sustainable farming model incorporating IPM practices/Organic cultivation

3. Farmer welfare with 5-7% higher price realization for the farmers

4. Farmer ROI improvement through reduction in cost of cultivation because of lesser chemical usage/sprayings etc.

5. Farmer engagement through continuous training and education

6. Transparent supply chain with full online traceability from delivery back to the farm, full visibility of agronomic practices, inputs used with pictures of operations and price realization at the farm level

1. 1000 plus farmers under an IPM ( Integrated Pest Management) based contract cultivation programme

2. 4 locations across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana in India

3. 2000 Acres under cultivation, expected yield of 4000-4500 MT for 2020 season

4. Field team of 1 programme manager, 4 field assistants

5. Agronomic support with implementation of package of practices created by Industry experts from Tamil Nadu Agriculture university

6. Controlled Post Harvest processing to prevent aflatoxin and mould formation

7. Multiple rounds of testing to ensure compliance with EU/USFDA/Australian norms on pesticide residues

IPM Concepts Used In Farming and Key Pillars of IPM Programme :

1. Sustainability

2. Farmer Welfare

3. Consumer Health

Chillies you buy from us can be traced right back upto the farm where it was grown along with full history and pictures of agronomic practices implemented while growing the Chillies. Our cloud based sourcing app lets you have full transparency on the chillies you buy from us

Start with our lot number or QR Code and access full crop history and traceability of the lot online at our cloud based sourcing app.


Quality Certifications

Our Quality Certifications for food safety (Global Standard)