IPM-Integrated Pest Management

“Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining Biological, Cultural, Physical and Chemical tools in a way that minimizes Economic, Health and Environmental risks”.

These IPM tools contributes to a system that produces High Quality, Safe and Affordable foods free from toxic chemicals like Ethion, Triazophos, Phosalone & Profenophos ,etc.,

IPM Programme takes care of the GAP & Traceability.

Innovative cloude base software system customized for IPM program which can track farmer fields from seeding to harvesting with datas fed by farmer and Agri field excecutives.

The Geo tagging is done for every field of chilli plantation which can be seen in Google map.

Salient features of IPM Programme


- Areas & Variety (will be selected based on the history & quality)

– Farmers (Progressive Farmers of the Area)

– Organizers ( will be chosen to influence the Farmers & Co-ordination)

– Geo tagging of lands, Cultivation process captured online cloud data base


– Package of Practices in accordance to the SOPs of the IPM Programme

– Record Keeping

Post Harvest Management

– To improve the Product Hygiene

– To Reduce Aflatoxins

Chilli Purchase

– Farm gate purchase with Traceability

Connecting to the Cool stores/Warehouses

Sampling/PR & Afla Testing