Operation & Facility

Value Ingredients has steam sterilization system as its core process. This system is versatile, capable of handling seed (black pepper, cumin, coriander) and tropical(chilli, ginger, turmeric) spices. The sterilizer has a dry hot-cool air chamber after the injection of super heated steam. This enclosed hot air-cool air system helps retain the volatiles in the spice. All raw materials are brought as whole into our facility, passed through cleaning systems and then processed to customer specifications.

The seed cleaning system is equipped with magnets, aspirators, graders, destoners to remove extraneous matter and foreign matters like stone, dust, stem and metal contaminants etc.

Chillies first passes through a belt conveyor followed by a drum cleaner and aspirator with magnets placed across the system. By doing this chillies are polished and removed of dust, stone and metal contaminants.

The cleaned products are milled in the 3 mills and sieved using Sifters. The mills – Pulvarizer and hammer mills can handle seed as well as tropical spices. Magnets are provided in the feed hopper and suitable granulation is achieved through mill sieve and sifter sieve setting and passed through high gauss value magnets and packed at ambient temperature. The grinding line is mechanized with pneumatic conveying and reverse jet bag filter for clean environment and there is no manual handling.

We blend the ingredients for curry powder, masalas, spice blends as per the requirements of customer specification to achieve proper heat value, uniform colour, taste and flavor and the system has a capacity of 20 tones per day.

The system has a capability of achieving minimum TPC level (<50 cfu / gram) with minimum changes in quality characteristics (both powder and whole product up to 20 mm) and having a capacity of 1 tone / hour. The continuous steam sterilizer system is manufactured with Spanish technology with pre heater, sterilizer chamber, fluidized bed dryer apart from other accessories. Clean room: - All the products are produced and packed inside the clean room equipped with AHU system, online metal detectors and pass box system.

Value ingredients offers its customers a wide choice of bulk packing specifications based on the requirements of customer and norms of the destination country. We ensure that the packaging retains the natural fragrance and flavor for long periods. The superior quality of packaging material ensures moisture proof, long shelf life, quality and easy storage of product.